2005-11-15 10:24:12 ET

interpol is my music choice for the day/

im sitting outside
in the air
listening to them
its nice

tonight im going with the kids to see bright eyes.
im kinda excited about that

i wish jasper were going.
but no
he is not

oh well to sad for me
not like it matters .

i do need to buy a pack of smokes before i go


2005-11-15 11:00:53 ET

interpol por vida.

2005-11-15 14:51:19 ET

interpol are very cool.

bright eyes are dissappointing live...but thats just my opinion. depends how fucked up conor is and if he sings properly or just spits beer.

but have fun <3

2005-11-16 05:21:53 ET

How did you wing that ticket?

Tell your fellow employees to give me $ for the tickets this week

2005-11-16 06:19:21 ET

Yes i agree Interpol does rock my ass off

Jen, you are very right Bright Eyes kinda suck live, but Conor was kinda in a fucked mood so i think we had one of the better shows, but i was expecting more.

sar, tori was going to go with the kids and then backed out so i took her place, they (ash ashtin kiera) are in town all day today
and ill tell them

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