2005-11-16 08:46:00 ET

Im such a fucking loser
i skipped my classes again today

i have lost interest in everything.

2005-11-16 09:03:12 ET

I feel like I've lost nterest in everything as well.

2005-11-16 09:15:40 ET

my senior year i always skipped my classes and i hated skipping them, but then again the thought of going to them made me sick. i would hand out at the coffee shop instead. and also, did you really lose interest in everything? Don't say that silly!

2005-11-16 11:21:43 ET

you need to get your ass to class punk

2005-11-19 16:06:05 ET

awwww...dont be so down on yourself. i have just read alot of your entries from the past week or two and you are so down!!! I hope you cheer up sweetheart <3

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