2005-11-20 19:13:35 ET

OK so i am at my University Library
DRUNK off my ass!!!!!


and i kninda like it

wow everything is spinning

sarahs i know it is sad but it is all i can do right now in my time
im SO drunk that it makes me forget how i am in love with nothing

and wish that i was

i think its almost time to go home

i dont know whats going on




i need a life

i need
to leave

im so scared about LA

what am i going to do!!!??!?

i havenet been this drunk in along time!!

im burniong up
*coat off*

ok im still hot

please help me

OK night in the library is scary @!!!!

2005-11-20 19:17:16 ET

What're you coming to LA for?

2005-11-20 20:10:45 ET

Why can't I come Brent? :(

2005-11-20 22:29:37 ET

i've been really tired at the library and i would say thats about the equivalent of being drunk ... well the way i act is

2005-11-21 05:32:00 ET

im going to be in LA at the IMTA thing

jordy.....i love you....please make sweet love to me NOW and you can come!

yeah i dont ever want to be drunk at the library ever AGAIN!

2005-11-21 09:58:57 ET

public drunkenness HAS to be fun: it's illegal.

2005-11-21 11:53:26 ET

i will admit it was kinda fun.
i wont lie

although i got a little scared

2005-11-21 20:49:49 ET

I'd get scared, never been drunk in public, but I have been stoned, I don't do that anymore but it was still hella fun! :D

2005-11-21 20:58:02 ET

i can now say that i have done both

2005-11-22 06:15:21 ET

I know Brentwick.
I know that you are alone right now but you should use the alone time to do productive things for yourself.
This is the time to think about yourself and what you need
I know that you will find someone and your patients will pay off

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