written yesterday
2005-11-25 11:33:07 ET

im at the thanksgiving family gathering thing
i have no access to the net so i am writing and saving as i go

i got home at about 7 30 last night

of course the parents were watching tv

dad bought a Sirius radio yesterday

and now im sitting at my grandparents
watching my family run round me

im suprised to see my gay cousin Donald here
he lives in Florida and came up here just for this

and now his brother is jumping round the living room
like the drunken idiot he is

here comes my grandmother
(who i spent an entire month with in florida)
shes turning on the lights in the room
and then walking to the sun room

im suppose to go see Shoko her family and her friend Ami at some point tonight

also im going to watch RENT with the kids
jasper will be there
im nervous.

untill later

happy Thanks.

2005-11-27 04:40:06 ET

How was RENT?

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