2005-12-01 06:03:44 ET

so i just woke from the strangest dream
i have had in some time

it goes like this

i was transported back in time
and i was on the set of one of alfred hitchcocks films

the dream was in black and white
i was an actor in one of the films

so as i acted i noticed that mr hitchcock was in a massive orgy
with many other fat men
it was weird

so the media found out that he had orgys on his sets and he was runined

so then the next thing i know im walking down the street
and its raining
and i need an umbrella
so i go into what to us would be a head shop
(from that era though)
and i went in there and told these 2 girls that work there im from the future

i showed them my drivers license and the things i kept in my wallet
and then told them about our shitty presedent
the whole "september thing"
and so on

then i woke

it was very strange

also its snowing here
that makes me happy in pants
as does not having to work untill 5 tonight
i have all day to myself.

2005-12-01 08:09:23 ET

Whoa, that's a trippy-ass dream.

2005-12-01 10:52:27 ET

yes it very was

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