New Year day one
2006-01-01 21:11:53 ET

So its been one day since the new year
and i am already dru nk agaion

what a start to the year

more sadness

and depression to come

2006-01-01 22:26:12 ET

I suppose you were drunk while typing that entry, eh?

2006-01-02 01:51:04 ET

Cheers to that . . . I passed out around 10:30 and woke up around 12 the next afternoon haha missed the whole shit. . .

2006-01-02 08:50:37 ET

i played cards :/

2006-01-02 11:40:24 ET

too sad too tragic
personally, I hate new Years

2006-01-02 12:14:26 ET

indeed i did post while drunk
and i have decided i like new years
its just the next morning i dont like

dont know
but i started this new year being an alcoholic!

2006-01-02 17:20:39 ET


Mine was filled with laughs... Which usually doesn't happen =/

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