OH Kay people
2006-01-06 18:43:19 ET

i think i am in love

finally after
Smoking Packs of Ciggs
Drinking Gallons of Alcohol
Smoking Tons of Pot

i have finally found that person that
i have been waiting for, for.....well ever

some one is there to keep me warm at night
kiss me as i sleep

hold me
and just love me back

and his name is Thomas.

Also on a lighter note.

WTF is going on in my Life?

the new year starts in the first week in
i fall in love
travel cross country

whats next?

2006-01-08 13:58:49 ET

Thank god! He is so right for you. I am so happy for you Brently!

2006-01-09 08:22:13 ET

sarah im happy for myself...this has been i think the best thing that has happened to me. IM SO FUCKING HAPPY (even though im over 2000 miles away from him)

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