2006-01-30 03:59:35 ET

things have been so right for me.

i went from sad lonely alcoholic

to a centered (sorta) happy person

i owe it all to one night of fate

one night of loving friends

and one night where one boy stole my heart with one kiss (ohh how cliché)

i no longer lay in the bed and just sleep my days away
i have a reason to get up
i have a reason to do what im suppose to
before there was no drive for me to do anything
but now when i wake
and he is there beside me
passed out
talking in his sleep
i tear up

how long have i waited for this Subkultures?
you (journal and SKer's) have been there through alot of shit with me
you heard my prayers
my hopes
my crushed hearts

and now
i have found a place inside me
that i never knew existed

total happiness
with myself

Thomas makes me feel whole

there was always a piece of me missing
and now i have found it.

i knew it was right from the first time he walked into the door

i knew it was him
because when i saw him

and now

after my classes
i am going to take my music
and go to a park
and just walk with myself
and be happy.

that is one thing i have never been able to do.

2006-01-30 19:39:37 ET

Reading this makes me happy!

2006-01-31 05:17:11 ET

being able to write it makes me happy

2006-01-31 10:31:32 ET

I'm happy for you Brent, really.

2006-02-08 06:55:47 ET

"but now when i wake
and he is there beside me
passed out
talking in his sleep
i tear up"

aw reading that made me smile big time.
i went from a lonely alcoholic drug using zero and did a complete 180 when i fell in love with AJ.
i too now wake up with him in my bed yelling about guitars in his sleep :)

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