If i could
2006-02-08 04:38:51 ET

i know it now
i have fallen in Love
so deeply

every time he laughes i fall in love

all i want to do is just hug him so much
and just never let go

we are such an odd couple though
EXACT opposites

im messy
hes clean

hes religous
i say God(s) who?

he Loves all that mainstream rap and r&b crap
i would rather shave my skin off (ohh ouch)

but we are so wonderful together

pics to come soon

2006-02-10 07:29:35 ET

Ashley says that she might be coming up there tomorrow with 'the gang' for Rocky. Are you in?

2006-02-10 07:56:31 ET

we were going to go anyway. all of us
so yes

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