2006-02-10 08:45:34 ET

i just read EVERY last single entry i had ever made since i was accepted here on SK
i never realized how stupid i was when i was younger.

in this strange way it wasnice to relive all of those times that i have had

Vanesa and I dating
and fighting and breaking up

me going through a hard depression after that

me meeting casey
us dating
and breaking up

me going through the worst time of my teen years

falling in love with Jasper
those were the worst days of my life

i never realized how much i smoked untill i read all of those posts about him and that time

there were some posts that really stick out to me though

ill list them at the bottom

but then some of the posts i made made me laugh my ass off
becuse they were so stupid

I just relived 4 years of my life

and now here i am

4 years later
still living

i have changed so much

and when i finished reading the most recent entry
i felt as though all of those times and posts i had made in depression
and in vain

were all leading up to this
and they were

im so glad i read all of those

Thank You Subkultures
its been an awesome 4 years with you

These following entries are the ones that mean the most to me
the ones that show major changes in my life.

Entry 1
Entry 2
Entry 3
Entry 4
Entry 5
Entry 6
Entry 7
Entry 8
Entry 9
Entry 10
Entry 11
Entry 12
Entry 13
Entry 14
Entry 15
Entry 16
Entry 17
The Next Day
Entry 18
Entry 19

and that is where my life is now.
i think im off to a better start wouldnt you say

Much Love To All of You.



2006-02-16 08:55:30 ET

You totally said "you bass turd! all 4??" in your first entry.

2006-02-16 13:25:29 ET

holy shit i did.

im a fucking moron

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