2006-04-11 10:39:13 ET

im at the hospital with dad.

i hate it here

i just want him better.

to update you on whats wrong with him

i went home on sunday to pick up some furniture for the house

mom and dad had bought some horses and they were spending the day trying to break them in

i was over at the house
playing the piano (not that i can) in the sun room
i looked out the window
and i see one of the horses freaking out
and then dad goes flying off and to the ground

mom goes running to him
i Burst out of the house and jump on the 4x4
and high tail it over to him

mom screams to call 911

i go back to the house
grab a cell

go back to dad

i try the best i can to keep him comfortable
but mom nor i could do much

my brother goes to the road to show the ambulance where to go

2 minutes later he comes back
covered in mud

he wrecked the 4x4
bad road rash on is arm

the ambulance comes
we get him on a stretcher and we all carry him to the ambulance

before we even got out of the driveway
the ambulance stops

the driver comes out and says his blood pressure dropped
and they are going to fly him to Lexington

so i drive mom brother and a friend up the interstate
to lexington
i didnt let the suburban slow below 100 mph

we get here

hes stable
they find he has 6 broken ribs
a broken collar bone
and they think they thought maybe internal bleeding

they keep him in the ER about 7 hours

then move him to a room

i go home

next morning im back

leave an hour later to run some errands

at about 6 my aunt calls me

she tells me that dad is doing bad

i get here in a hurry

what happened is

his blood oxygen level dropped below 50%
he was unresponsive
and his skin color was blue

we almost lost him...

but now im here
staying with him
to keep him company and safe
from anything happening like yesterday

2006-04-11 10:41:29 ET

oh no =( at least his spine is intact.

how long was his Blood oxygen below 50% for?

well, anyways, I'm not normally a religious sort but I'll say a prayer.

2006-04-11 10:58:27 ET

Ill say a prayer for your father.
:) if you need to talk to anyond brent san im here for ya.

2006-04-11 12:35:45 ET

*hugs* I know what it's like to have a family member in the hospital like that. Happened in November with my brother....*hugs* we love you

2006-04-11 14:50:31 ET

i dont know how long his O2 level was down, long enough for him to be blue

and thanks to you all for thinking of me and him

2006-04-14 15:31:16 ET

I hope he makes it okay. Give your family my love and respect.

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