2006-05-10 10:09:03 ET

today is one of those days

didnt sleep last night

went to work

then at Five i go to Alfalfa.
how exciting.
not really.

where am i going with this.
am i just going to work forever?

who knows.

i know there is something more out there for me.
just dont know what yet.

i want to run away so badly.

i think im wasting away.

another thing that is bothering me is (still) the kitty's death

i really wish i knew what killed her.

that was a week ago Tuesday.
Im sad.

This was her.

Rest well.

2006-05-10 13:47:26 ET

I am so sorry about your beautiful little kitten. :\

2006-05-10 20:32:03 ET

As am i Friend Brent.
I know a kitty like that is hard to replace, but if your interested my cat is going to have kittens soon, you can have as many of them as you like :D.

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