2006-05-12 07:00:05 ET

i got in a wreck (not my fault)

my car is pretty much totaled.


2006-05-12 07:09:12 ET

I hate car accidents. :(

Glad you're ok.

2006-05-12 07:10:25 ET

:[ you seem to be hitting a rough patch lately.
apologies dahling.
just keep your chin up.

2006-05-12 08:23:40 ET

well that makes two wrecks that werent your fault. Im glad you are ok :D

2006-05-12 11:19:38 ET

yeah i dont know whats going on

maybe someone cursed me.

regardless, i do have a neck sprain and im pretty sore.
out of work for a few days due to that
and not having a car.

2006-05-12 12:36:18 ET

what happened? I'm glad your injuries were minimal compared to your car! I hope your luck picks up.

2006-05-13 16:08:58 ET


how could they do that to the jetta ?


2006-05-22 21:32:20 ET

that poor Jetta...it's been through hell

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