2006-06-08 06:05:03 ET

do you ever get that feeling that you kinda just wish everything would stop

and everyone would leave you alone

i think when i move out of this house.
(when ever that is)

im just going to live alone
for a long time

becuase having roommates kinda sucks now.

it was fun at first
but now almost a year later

im tired of it.

holy hell

next month is the one year mark for living up here..


i need to go somewhere else

i think it sucks here now too

not as much as london
i mean i love (some important people) in london
but it was hell

and now lexington is starting to feel the same
only with less people to love

i want to move away to somewhere
where no one knows me
(or maybe 1 or 2 people)
and then start fresh

Japan is looking more and more like a good choice

oh btw

im going there in the fall for a week or two
to see Shoko and her family
and stay with them
i am excited out my ass for that

im saving up now to go
im doing ok ($$$ wise)

altough i took Elune (the cat)
To the vet
that cost $126

but yeah i really want to move away.

2006-06-08 08:49:20 ET

"New people are only new for a day"

I know how you feel though, I wanna run quite a bit. But it's true when they say that no matter where you go, there will always be a reason to leave again.

2006-06-08 09:24:35 ET

that sucks when u feel like besieged in a huge invisible cage. its kinda like put someone to death by smother.

anyway, hope u can archieve ur goal as soon as possible. :)

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