2006-07-19 05:59:34 ET

You lay next to me

I have never felt the amount of joy and hope
that fills me now

the light strains through the window shades
the room is cool with conditioned air

your lightly freckled face resting near me
pale and beautiful

i probrobly should be at work by now
but i give my life to be able to just lay here with you

you are the most wonderful thing that has ever happened to me
you have turned me into someone else

as you dream beside me
i fall in love each time i look.

2006-07-24 09:00:50 ET

that is true love.

and i look forward to every morning that i can lay next to him and share the same thoughts.


2006-07-24 10:15:34 ET

it is

this is something i have never felt before

im so happy now.

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