2006-10-01 16:42:22 ET

I Love Him

also i got a haircut.

2006-10-01 16:59:43 ET

you need long, flowing, wavy hair like mine.


2006-10-01 17:00:19 ET

well you know what I mean haha :X


2006-10-01 17:44:09 ET

you remind me of the singer from the killers.

2006-10-04 16:30:07 ET

Well i did have the lond flowing wavy hair for quite some time... how exciting it was to have it all cut off..H e hhe hee he hhee hehe !!!!!111!!1111one one

and let me tell you, Jenny was a friend of mine.

2006-10-04 20:57:34 ET

tell me this, do you smile like you mean it?

2006-10-05 16:01:55 ET

well, Somebody told me "Andy, Youre a star!"

2006-10-05 18:05:27 ET

wow, I surrender, you win!!

2006-10-05 21:47:16 ET


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