2004-10-17 08:51:48 ET

Tonite is vampire night, starting off with Interview with a vampire. After that I'm not sure, but I'm gonna devote this whole evening to these beautiful creatures of the night that I envy so much!

2004-10-17 13:41:15 ET

Good luck and have much fun!

2004-10-18 08:23:26 ET

Yeah it was huge fun, ended up seeing Queen of the damed aswell :) I've seen those movies about a trillion times, but I still love'em :D

2004-10-18 18:27:10 ET

Movies are great fun! And they beat studying any day.

I'm currently going through all the Stargate Seasons ... I have friends who love me ....

2004-10-19 02:19:14 ET

Cool, Stargate rocks! I went through season 1-6 last summer, and then continued to watch it. Love it! Also SG Atlantis seems to work out ok :) I am generally a scifi-freak though :D

2004-10-19 05:15:31 ET

Yup yup ... my friends have all seasons 1-6 and are planning on buying season 7 as soon as it comes out.

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