2004-10-19 02:36:08 ET

Some times I worry that I drink too much. Not that I drink every day, or have the need to drink alone and such but when I go out I drink a lot. And that worries me, some times. I am a hypersocial person, I love to go out, meet friends, party. A friend characterizes me as a binary person, either I'm on or I'm off. Also so with party, either I don't or I do so with every fiber of my body so it results in me being totally drained for a couple of days after. But on the other hand it is damn fun, I love it! Hmm, just my thoughts.... Tonite I'm going out again, it'll probably be a wicked night as always.

2004-10-19 05:19:51 ET

i'm kinda the same way ... kinda.

and yay for wicked nights! I won't be having a wicked night until Halloween.

2004-10-21 09:01:04 ET

When I drink too much, I become Gollum.

2004-10-22 17:06:36 ET

Right, it is 4am here :) time difference!

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