Last party on a weekday for a long long time....
2004-10-26 05:14:31 ET

Yep, on monday I start my new job at the College working 8am-3:30pm monday to friday so no more partying on weekdays for me. So it is nice to have friends that celebrate birthdays on weekdays like today, so I can go out and get totally trashed one last time before I join the rest of the capitalist workerbees :-D
It's really cool, my friend is only 23 but still he's my best friend, age doesn't mean shit! I was his senior guide when he started University, and we became friends instantly. I'm gonna do my best to make this a birthdayparty he won't forget :-) So, cheers to the house!

2004-10-26 06:35:31 ET

I interviewed for a part time job with the college today. i think i'll get it.

2004-10-26 08:49:17 ET

As you can obviously see, I'm in this community too now, thanks for the tip!
Good luck on Monday! Though I think maybe you'll need more luck to survive tomorrows hangover ;D
A little too late to say this, but give my regards to Einar, guessing it is his birthday you're celebrating :)

- Hugs and kisses from Athyra

2004-10-26 16:16:04 ET

theres no hangovers, and I am still fucked up beyond!

2004-10-26 16:17:40 ET

the clun uk sound is fleeting!

2004-10-26 17:08:25 ET

hahaha ...
i've never had a hangover ... lucky me ... cuz i can drink like a fish when i am inclined to

2004-10-26 17:33:15 ET

I just saw you drink like a goldfish, drowning. you say, but can you really hold it? :-)

2004-10-26 18:00:46 ET

yup ... i can hold it ... the only time i didnt was my 21st birthday. i dont remember too much from that whole weekend

2004-10-26 21:38:30 ET

d'uh, of course your not hung over in the middle of the night, when you just stopped drinking ;) But when the nasty, cold morninglight starts creeping in your window..and the afternoon rears its ugly head..maybe it got dark again..then tell me your not hung over, and I will not believe you :))

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