Last day at my old job
2004-10-28 00:49:11 ET

Yep, last day. And they brought me cake and presents, I am happy now :-) Although it is a bit weird to be leaving all these good people, but then again I'll prolly meet a lot of new interresting people on monday aswell, I hope :-)

Note to self: no more drinking for a long long time, I was totally knackered yesterday....

2004-10-28 08:08:38 ET

no more being knackered for you =P

2004-10-28 10:48:42 ET

Yes, no more drinking! Do you even remember talking to me?

2004-10-28 14:09:51 ET

Siren: hehe, I hope :-D

innerbeauty: sure, I remeber talking to you both :-) you just dissapeared though :-D I had to go to bed around 7am though.

2004-10-28 16:25:25 ET

hahahah, I told you that I was going, and you said "ok, I'll talk to you later"

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