2004-11-12 06:11:39 ET

Yezzz, I got paid today. So I'm gonna fill up my visa, go out and get fucked up! :-D Been two weeks since I've been to my regular pub. Miss my drinking buddies and we're gonna go ballistic tonite, yessiree! Whoohooo....

2004-11-12 06:49:06 ET

But no getting wasted again, right?

2004-11-12 07:53:39 ET

He will if he gets the chance ;)

2004-11-12 10:31:11 ET

lol ... but but ... he said he wouldn't do that again =)

2004-11-12 17:23:24 ET

errrrrrrrrrrrrr I am Kermit the frog :-D

2004-11-12 18:15:09 ET


uh-huh ... sure ... so, you're saying it's not easy being green?

2004-11-13 01:53:47 ET

Siren: I told you so ;)

2004-11-13 19:48:31 ET

Holy crap, I slept for over 24 hours after friday night. Woke up now on Sunday, and it's 06:48....

2004-11-14 05:22:48 ET

Ok, after trying to recap last friday nights events I've found out that I a) got scammed by the taxi driver b) tried to go through the nextdoor neighbours door because I though it was my own, he was not particulary happy at 2am. c) talked codshit to a lot of people on irc, icq, msn and more (logs properly deleted so I don't have to look at them). The fucked up part of going on a binge like this is that it costs me 1200 Kroner (approx. 190 usd) to get so totally wasted I forget most of the evening anyway. Maybe that's why I keep doing it 'cause I can remember.... ahhh dunno. Checked with a couple of friends and they said that we had fun, so I guess we did :-)

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