The weekend has landed!
2004-11-19 04:46:04 ET

Friday night, what to do, what to do...... muahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaa 8-D

2004-11-19 05:24:54 ET

I'm soo not surprised ;)

2004-11-19 05:32:04 ET

I'm uhm.....gonna read a book? =)

2004-11-19 06:02:49 ET

pahaha, almost choked on that one ;)
Enjoy and tell everyone I know I said hi, if you are meeting with any of our mutual friends tonight :)

2004-11-19 06:23:29 ET

Yeah, prolly Ragna, Yngve, Arne, know...the crazy fuckers :-D Ferry Corsten on the speakers here, man I wish I had an old school rave to go to like back in the early 90s. Hey, even a rave with DJ T´esto would do :-D Well, guess it'll be just regular beer tonite, unless the 'grass' is greener on the other side ;-D
Will say hello to everyone, and they'll prolly say hello back :-)

2004-11-19 06:38:18 ET

Yiiha, wish I was with you guys :)

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