Not as expected
2004-12-27 06:01:17 ET

Well, turns out this christmas I got pneumonia and more or less just have to stay in bed for a long time, high fever, coughing and all. It sucks. I tried to eat all the good food my mom cooked for christmas but it tasted nothing since my nose is clogged aswell. The doctor said I had to stay at home for at least 10 days, maybe more. Thank God for Internet and EverQuest II.

2004-12-27 06:06:29 ET

i'm right there with you except without the pneumonia part. i've been sick since christmas and my stupid fever won't break. this really sucks.

2004-12-31 07:24:57 ET

I'm sure you slept outside in a wet t-shirt to get pneumonia, so you could stay home and play EQII! ;)
No, just kidding, hope you get better soon :)

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