Jumping on the bandwagon again....!
2005-01-25 05:31:04 ET

Well, now I gotta do this aswell!
You may ask me 5 questions, anything.
No matter how personal, dirty, private or random - I have to answer them honestly. In return, you have to post this message in your journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked to you.

And do pass this on. :-)

2005-01-25 06:22:48 ET

Have you ever thought about doing anything with another male?
What's the worst crime you've commited?
What's the worst thing you've done to another human being?
What's the most traumatic event that's happened in your life?
What's the one thing you regret most at this point in your life?

*optional question number six* What's the thing/person/event that's made you the most happy in your life?

2005-01-25 06:31:59 ET

1. No problem at all having sex with anyone, male or female :-)
2. Breaking and entering, many many years ago. Not proud of that at all....
3. I really hurt this girl 12 years ago, being unfaithful right infront of her. The shame of that is still with me today.
4. When my grandfather died some 5 years ago, that totally broke me and my family apart in so many ways. I loved him very very much.
5. I do not regret much per sť, though I kinda wish I studied more math, physics and chem in high-school so I could study astrophysics at the university :-) (I wanna be a space cadet, yay!)

6.-optional I think maybe it was back in 1993, and my first visit to the Roskilde Festival in Denmark. I had so high hopes for it, and it turned out to be like a zillion times better than anything I imagined. 100 000 people, concerts, beer, pot and good food for 4 days straight. Time of my life, everyone should go there some time! :-)

2005-01-25 06:40:19 ET

.... I can't think of five questions, but I did pass it on (BrokenOne told me to)


2005-01-25 07:08:39 ET

1. When you die, what is the one thing you want people to remember you for ?
2. What is the one thing you regret about you and me breaking up ?
3. Why do your feet look like GOBLINFEET?! ;D
4. Have you vacuumed up the washingmachinepowder that was spilled under/in front of your bookshelf that stands at the bottom of your bed ? :D
5. Now that you are sober, were you honest when you said you wanted to visit me up here in the nooorrth?

2005-01-25 07:09:08 ET

Athyra, I love #3

2005-01-25 07:09:55 ET

Meg: I think you and I are one the same wavelenght ;)

2005-01-25 07:11:14 ET

I agree completely!

2005-01-25 07:11:56 ET

hehe, do you have 5 questions for me? It's in my journal ;)

2005-01-25 07:15:51 ET

1. That I always without question threw the best parties, and you know it :-)
2. Not being able to watch tv-series and making good food together now that you live so far away :-) Also, I miss your foot-massage! :-D
3. Because I got hair on them maybe :-D Or to quote Edmund Blackadder ""See the little goblin, see his little feet. And his little nosy-wose, isn't the goblin sweet?" :-)
4. hehe, I haven't cleaned my room in like 2-3 years so no :-D
I found what I think was the remains of a pizza slice here the other day, under the laundry bag =)
5. Lol, did I say that? :-D hehe, yeah I want to, but you know how slow I am and that nothing ever gets done besides playing games and going to parties. But maybe, some day :-)

2005-01-25 07:21:22 ET


2005-01-25 12:22:25 ET

ever watch motivational porn?
ever download something that you know you shouldn't just because you know you won't get caught, what was it, did it involve animals?
what's the most amount of alcohol/drugz you consumed at one time?
ever eat something that you took off the ground?
shortest relationship?

2005-01-25 19:26:04 ET

1. I have no idea what that is, clearify and I will say yes or no :)
2. Heh, I'm nice that way, I only download regular movies and music :)
3. See question 2.
4. oii, hm, one and a half bottle of whitewine and over a litre of vodka. I blacked out, puked blood and was taken to the hospital. They didn't pump me, 'cause I had puked too much, but I was observed for some hours :]
5. hahaha, two days, in junior high :D

2005-01-25 20:50:27 ET

Errr, Athyra, why are you answering the questions sent to me? :-D
Now I'll answer them:
1. Sure!
2. Regular stuff, movies & music and games.
3. nope
4. That is a tough one, I think it was 10 liters of beer. I was very drunk.
5. 1 hour, 6th grade =)

2005-01-26 03:10:30 ET

OMFG! I have no idea how this happened! I must have clicked wrong when I was going back to my page, and did not register that I came back here :DDD Holy shit I'm SO "out of town" sometimes :D
But I'd still like to know what "motivational" porn is :)

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