Gone to heaven
2005-02-01 07:28:11 ET

I just got telephone from my mom. My grandmother died late last night. I loved her so very much, she was very special to me, one of my best friends ever. I will always cherish her memory, and know that she is happy together with my grandad in a special place. I love you both!

2005-02-01 07:29:42 ET



I'm so sorry to hear that. I know exactly how you feel. My grandmother was like a mother to me, and when she dies, it felt like part of me had died.

2005-02-01 07:35:57 ET

Thank you :-) Yes, it is as if a part of me is missing, but not lost either. I can feel she is in a good place, I have this warm fuzzy safe feeling almost as if she is with me comforting me.

2005-02-01 08:07:55 ET

I'm sure she is, Stefan. She loved you very much, and she will always look out for you, just like your grandpa :)
My eyes are misty, have cried abit, but I also get that feeling that she is in a good place now :)

*leans into and hugs*

2005-02-01 08:56:46 ET

My condolences.

and she is in a better place =)

2005-02-01 10:22:26 ET


sorry to hear about your loss

2005-02-01 10:29:05 ET

Thanks guys, I really appreciate it. *hugs to all*

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