It is a fine day!
2005-02-03 04:01:30 ET

Today is my day! My birthday! :-) I *ahem* turn 23 *cough*, for the 13th year in a row ;-D I've got the day off from work tomorrow, and tomorrow evening I'm throwing a party for some 30-40 of my friends, maybe more. It's gonna be wikkid, cheap beer and hopefully lots loose women! Hehe. In any event I am probably not gonna sober up until monday.

2005-02-03 04:54:11 ET

Happy Birthday

2005-02-03 05:44:29 ET

happy, happy birthday! :) <3

2005-02-03 07:35:07 ET

Thanks, I still feel young though! :-D

2005-02-03 07:57:30 ET

You are so young in the head, you are on the verge of going backwards :D

2005-02-03 10:30:42 ET

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2005-02-03 10:32:14 ET

Thank you :-) *happy*

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