Is the Universe aware of itself?
2005-06-16 03:33:05 ET

According to Bellís theorem once any two sub-atomic particles come into contact with each other they continue to communicate no matter how much time or distance passes between them.

Given the idea of a big bang, or singularity initiated universe, all particles began in contact, and thus the universe is one vast interconnected Indraís InterNet, a holographic web where all the
information is shared non-locally, like reflections in an infinite crystalline lattice with a mirror at every intersection.

While it is possible that consciousness could bubble out of such a structure the way it does out of neurons in a meat mind, allowing the universe to know itself, this is merely a supposition, but not really necessary.

If everything is connected in a grand quarkian clusterfuck, then if you are aware of things, everything is aware of things, and if you think everything thinks, and the very existence of thinking beings makes the entire shebang a thinking being, and you are the mind of the universe.

Got this from a e-mail list I am on, now put this in the bong and smoke it :-)

2005-06-16 13:21:05 ET

Wow, you're alive.

2005-06-17 02:28:35 ET

Hehe, yeah. I've had shiteloads of work this spring so I haven't had much leisure time :-)

2005-06-20 18:23:33 ET

i'm gonna go smoke a bong now. and i don't even do drugs... but shite ... after reading that ... i'm just gonna have to.

2005-06-22 05:10:01 ET

Haha! Yeah. I want a fuckin' T-Shirt with this on :-D

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