2005-11-15 09:09:09 ET

DO it people!! it is so good for your buttock muscles. I was extremely wet on Monday, but Sat&Sun I was dry dry dry dry, I think it was the bragging to my fellow friends that I was dry the 2 days while they were wet from falling, so Monday was my karma day I jumped into a huge snowwall and not on purpose, I was trying to avoid going over an extreme edge. I came out as snowwoman with bruises, can't wait to do it all again on friday, but this time on MT. Seymour.

2005-11-15 15:02:35 ET

Where'd you go this time?

I tried skiing once when I was younger... I almost broke my leg on the bunny hill. (My knee used to pop out of joint and... yeah... it was bad.)

2005-11-21 07:58:04 ET

oh my, I would help you down a bunny hill! and not let you pop your joints out!!
I went to Blackcombe on saturaday again, today I am heading up Mr seymour, it only takes me 20 mons to get there and I have a seasons pass, so I am pretty much hooked up with snow and speed till next April

2005-11-21 07:58:35 ET

like my spelling or what huh people

2005-11-21 07:58:35 ET

like my spelling or what huh people

2005-11-21 21:09:22 ET

And your double posting!

That's spiffy. If I liked skiing I'd ask to come along one time. But, quick frankly, it scares me. If ever I get the urge though...

2005-11-22 09:51:59 ET

HE he he he it scares you, that is so exciting

2005-11-22 12:42:28 ET

The last time I went skiing, which was when I was 16 (30 years ago), I biffed and the ski's did NOT come loose. I was told they were supposed to come off in the event of a crash. They DIDN'T. Instead they impaled some dense snow and hung me upside down. Unfortunately for me, the loose snow was one foot over. That's where my head was. 2 minutes passed before my friend Jaime could reach me and pull me out. When I was upright the crisp snow tricked into my jacket and slid along my skin all the way down to my calves. Ick. Then a ski bunny jumped off the lift and almost landed on us.

I think race car driving is safer.

2005-11-22 14:39:41 ET

Oh hey, without a pass or any such thing do you know how much it is to ski for the day around here?

And if I did decide to go would you come with?

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