Foggy and my ears are plugged
2005-11-21 08:20:09 ET

What a day , I am procrastinating at work again, I am gonna take off at lunchtime and go skiiing, I think I am have a habit forming here, hope I dont get fired out of all of this.Civic elections all over Southern BC and I still dont know who is our mayor yet or if it is the same guy. My super 2-spirited friend ran for park commissioner he recieved over 8000 votes , good for him, his slogan was "Vote for Earl Sunshine Parks Commissioner, its good to be GAY!!" if you look up Vancouver elections youll see his name somewhere, even if he did not get in, what a record to have huh!! he is native lives in poverty, is gay and is mentally challenged! I just sit back and go wow man he had a chance. Then I go back to scratching my belly and procrastinate more at work.

2005-11-21 08:34:20 ET

that's a rad slogan!

2005-11-21 08:40:45 ET

his last name is really 'sunshine', and he sang that you are my sunshine! funny man

2005-11-21 08:47:41 ET

say, weren't you on the sykoforums under some other name?

I just got my motorcycle license, woo hoo!

2005-11-21 08:51:01 ET

millions of years ago, I cant remember my name then , hmmm I will think on it, oh my gawd I hate that brain stuff, makes me say stuff like, it is on the edge of my tounge

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