2005-11-25 07:31:20 ET

All over the radio today, go out n buy buy buy buy!!!! whatever wherever. They it was said that places of business and stores were in the red in accounting books until this day after thanksgiving and that with the huge unslot of consumers being able to purchase after thanksgiving that the books finally went back in to the black. Hmmmm eh, not that I am wicked or mean, but I am seriously gonna try not to buy anything today not even a stick of gum or piece of fruit or gas for my car or ride the bus or newspaper or xmas shop, just to be me and not be so caught up in capitolism and our new history marks of it , such as black friday.

Other then that I am fighting an ear infection, working hard, trying to plan an event for World AIDS Day Dec 1, I am going to start that day with a candle light vigil. I lost a friend to AIDS AGAIN!!! 2 nights ago, I miss her, but she was no victim and ego begger, she wanted all her close friends , 3 of us to go out and treat ourselves for the day on the day she died and specifically wanted us to eat SUSHI, she was a Japanese model, and then go to the spa, I got a facial done and a pedicure. OK I really really miss her, all this life makes me go all philisophical, and again I rely on my elders native beliefs and teachings, gets me through the day. I know I am going to be thinking about death again and grieving and birth and the big questions, I think I am a professional griever.

2005-11-25 07:38:36 ET

I wont be going anywhere and buying anything but I do have a bit of outside work to do.

2005-11-25 07:59:14 ET

I am going to go outside later today and walk the cold cold beach get some ocean air in. It is super windy here, I love the wind. Still not gonna buy anything either he he.

2005-11-25 12:04:51 ET

I just got back in a little bit ago, we moved about a ton of fire wood to the porch, and did a bit of insulating.

2005-11-29 09:10:31 ET

yeah firewood, hope its all dry

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