In need of a holiday, even a mental one
2005-12-08 11:35:18 ET

Work: 12 participant councelling cooking class going on with people taking up room in regular office space,office space 20 offices 1 boardroom 2 kitchens one for clients one for staff. This class tends to think they can use both kitchens. Someone stole my lunch today out of fridge, I am blaming one of the 12 participants, I hope they like vegitarian food. The clients coming into see me are being harrased by class going down office hallway, triggers of highschool come back for me.

Home: Moved in with boyfriend YIKES!!!! all is well so far, we both have enough room for our personal stuff, I hope so it is a 3 bedroom two level house. Sex life greatly improved with frequency and frequency is really really frequent. We will see how long that holds up. pun intended.

Family: My father is a big @#%^$@* , yup yup still working through father issues at my age, hmmmffff, but yet he respects me the most out of all the siblings. XMAS is coming so he is probably gearing up his smart remarks for each grown child of his. My older brother is an alcholic but is a funtional father of 2 and works full time in a union job. Younger Brother is a PSycho hollaring mouthy abuser to his wife and 5 children, Younger sister is childless and lives with a younger man. Youngest brother lives at home and works for a recycling plant, is a charmer with the ladies. Then me seperated single mother of 2 with a new boyfriend who has only met DaD 2 times and this season will find out we live together, we will see if my good paying, well community connected career will give me a break with DADs snide remarks on my miserable life.He still thinks it is not proper for a woman to be a drummer or do stuff like ski, mosh,be financially independant, or wear pants.
My mother is the best MOM in the whole world and she keeps us all together and can have the power to tell DAD TO SHUT UP!

2005-12-08 20:59:59 ET

Yay for the mom and good luck with the new move in and hope your younger bro will lay off it a while and youngest should always think safe if he's a ladies man and dad needs to read the past 10 years worth of world almanacs to catch up on today's working mom speed and you are just FANTASTIC!!!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!

2005-12-09 08:08:30 ET

My Boyfriends younger brother is sitting here and reading this with me.
He seen me laugh and enjoy my journal comments, he sprianed his finger at his roofing job and is sitting here procrastinating with me at the office.
Than k you snow!! you sound fantastic yourself, hope your holiday gearing up time goes smooth for you.

2005-12-09 08:29:24 ET far so good!
We never decorated our tree yet and the decorations have been sitting there for over a week now. We suck - I know it. ;-P
Lol, I'll get my hunny to decorate one way or another tonight!!!
*evil and seductive plan brewing*
*rubs hands together*

2006-01-04 13:10:57 ET

Hooray for regular making of the beast with two backs!

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