@))^ 2006 - I thought there was gonna be more flying
2006-01-04 12:24:00 ET

yup yup 2006, I swear when it was the seventies by now there was gonna be flying machines. What was I thinking huh, no pollution, food for everyone a world govn, big bro taking up your back yard, but yet lots of ourdoor playtime.

Here I am with sitting with the internet, still not knowing all its capabilities and what would I do with em anyways, dealing with terminal illnesses for a career, still walking to the gas station if I run out of gas, cause my indian car gas meter does not work, big bro taking up my bach yard and ok outdoor platytime.

2006-01-06 17:11:05 ET

I hated the 70s I don't think I will ever be capable of nostalga for that era. In the 70s I was not yet 20 and I did not think the world would last for me to be 30. This tuesday I will be 45, I am much more optomistic and much more conservative now.

2006-01-09 08:41:31 ET

wow, I loved the 70s, cause we moved to ther big city then, seen my first TV, heard more english, went to school, listened to alot of my parents hard rock stuff like ALice, Led Zep. Black Sabbath, at the time I thought was wierd jethro tull , velvat u, uummmm seen my first motor bike up close, a little honda dirt bike he he he he. Cars were real, I even got hit by one and then took 2 years to learn how to walk again by 1978.Just so much happened for me.
Good for you and your optomisim now, I still can be pessimistic but in a good way lol. We are all gonna die but we deserve it and why not anyways.

2006-01-09 08:53:11 ET

oh yeah my birthday is this Friday!!, Friday the 13th , cool huh

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