2006-01-13 08:48:49 ET

OMG I had a denny's free breakfast at 7am and I feel like barfing right now! my kids loved it they had smiley face pancakes.

So I am gonna have a bizillion people at my house tonight, my basement is gonna be full of musicians that believe they are gonna make it big. I have alot of music equiptment downthere already and people are telling me what thay are bringing, I am like ok no more amps people. I am gonna be a hog on my drum kit too, no one else is getting on them, people can go cow bell in the corner or bang a tamborine.
I am optomistic, no fights , no broken instruments, no relationship drama from the couples, no cops and defo no unwanted rude people.
Oh yeah I am one of those nerdy hostesses too, everyone is gonna be in a game for a big prizes 3 top prizes tba, participants will police one another on certain words you can not say you get 5 pennies each and who ever has the most obviously wins ; words not allowed to say "I" "yeah" amd "eh" Eh is the killer one being we are Canadian eh, we cant stop saying it eh and eh its gona be a good time eh.
Godd day to you all eh!!!!

2006-01-13 08:53:51 ET

Happy Birthday

2006-01-13 12:47:52 ET


Sounds like a fun party and I'm sure it's gonna be tough for everyone to try not to say certain words, lol.

2006-01-13 13:21:26 ET

Happy Birthday to you!
*does a strip tease*

That game would kick ass! I'd be so screwed on the "Yeah" part of it but not the "Eh" 'cause for some reason I don't say it that much compared to the rest of us.

2006-01-13 13:24:23 ET

Now I can wish you happy 29 again again! Souds like an adventure! ;)

2006-01-13 14:24:35 ET

*holds a dollar bill up in the air*


2006-01-14 05:46:48 ET

I hope the aftermath of your birthday gig is not too unpleasant!

2006-01-16 08:09:53 ET

WOOO a strip!! godda love those from willing men. SO Yeah everyone it was so kewl eh and IIIIII II Iiiiii had a blast, crap it was so damn funny drunk people talking in third person, someone would catch someone saying a word and say"I gotcha" which means they just said I and lost the penny right back to the person. Only one Tom from my kit wast busted, but the person is replacing it, it was me not giving up my drums and a couple of people all night were bugging me so they were grabbing extra sticks and banging them and running by, oh yes a very very mature evening. Loud as hell, more people then I thought showed up a DJ even set up his stuff and was playing alot of ummm kompressor/ wumpscut stuff got people dancing for a bit, but then I was like JOHN get on your guitar I wanna Jam again. HMMM lets seee, I got alot of present even some hooker boots from my bf 6 in black heels with flames on em gotta love shiny vinyl, aww lots of food, lots of drinks, I live in a house beside industrial area I have a huge long grass yard with a huge gravel parking area beside it so we had some crazies do donuts in thier cars, ummm what else, oh the owners of the house showed up for 5 mins, cute short Italian couple, they brought me a bottle of thier home red wine, still have not opened it. I think mainly it was loud with alot of people talking crazy trying not to say words, a fantastic psycho festival. Thank you all for your wishes!!! oh yeah my brothers cleaned my house the next day, good guys like as if it never happened.

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