jounel entry missing
2006-01-27 10:27:43 ET

I could swear I did one after my party,

hmmmmm things have been wierder.
It was a smash lots of people good times good times good times, wish you all were there.

working hard trying to stay employed for a couple more months, the contract funding for my project ends march 31,2006, I guess we will see if it gets contined funding, if not I will end up doing consulting again. it pays more but the work is sporatic. I like daily work and a bi-weekly cheques, I just get security from that even if in a way it is still consulting just a different method.
Hope your all hanging on to your resolutions, good luck.
I dont make any ever.

2006-01-27 11:38:14 ET

I stole your journal entry like a kidney.

2006-01-27 12:30:16 ET

EEEEE so like um there is alot of kidney nappings?

2006-01-27 13:33:45 ET


2006-02-02 10:01:52 ET

hmmm, another knowledge improvement for me, I now know about kidney nappings

2006-02-02 16:37:36 ET i woke up in the hotel bathtub covered in ice and my back hurt...

2006-02-03 08:52:29 ET

he he he he he he are you sure it was not a night of tequllia shooters and hanging out with penquins who like to boogie with thier party mate doing the great back tango.

2006-02-03 11:26:43 ET

wow! i was just thinking how awesome it would be for penguins to be the savages that are masterminding the whole kidney black market operations...

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