SKIING Manning Park BC
2006-02-02 10:14:12 ET

Wicked kewl ski mountain!! OMG I was in heaven all day, runs were long, snow was fresh, not to far of a drive from Vancouver, hardly any line ups, super blue and black runs. I was so fast and only had one huge fall on a black run, damn hotdog snowboarder almost jumped over me! I slid for about 50 feet, it was so steep that I only pushed myself um again to get going was only about 15 inches, from my shoulder to side of mountain.
It is like a secret excellent mountain that gets rare media or commercials on it, Alll you hear about up here is Whistler/Blackcome, Apex,or Big White.
* Big Bounus is that I have a seasons pass for mount seymour and that got me 50% of the lift pass. DID I say WOO HOO, I just did WHOO HOO again, guess where I am going again this weekend people? huh huh huh huh

2006-02-02 17:17:02 ET

Been a way long time since I had skis on.

2006-02-03 08:53:56 ET

whats stopping you??? I know it aint me

2006-02-03 12:18:06 ET

Not enough snow down here, and more importantly I don't like being cold.

2006-02-13 11:00:55 ET

but you get hot when skiing
or snowboarding

2006-02-13 13:45:14 ET

Mostly I get snow down my back and up my nose and stuff. I fell down while holding on to the tow rope once and knocked over about 15 people (they were kinda pissed).

2006-02-14 08:19:15 ET


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