I am hurt boo booed
2006-02-24 08:05:45 ET

I tore 4 ligaments around my Knee, yes I am in pain, owweee, I can not walk but if I have to move I take crutches with me where ever I go. I been like this since Feb 5 th, I was going down a run and lost it, I just lost it somehow, I feel backwards first the impact winded me, then I remember tumbling around and around, I landed face down no skis no poles, my face in hard packed snow and I felt like I could not take a full breath, I still did not move when the John came back to me. took em awhile to move me, I kept saying give me a minute, I just gotta catch my breath and find myself, I was delearious, finally I guess he had enough of me with my face down not moving and started to figure out if I had spinal or neck injuries. I laughed and screamed when I was being moved,I had 2 bruised ribs, sprained pinky finger, sprained thumb, bumps n bruises on my back, abdomen and fore arms and lastly a smashed up right knee. it is the 3rd week of pain and crutches, my Doc says I may need surgery,eeee I said really, he said really really. So there goes my skiing season , I called Seymour mountain and told em my situtation , they are willing to prorate my seasons pass, so at least Ill get a couple hundred bucks back

2006-02-24 09:24:15 ET

daaaamn. I hope you recover quickly and completely.

2006-02-25 03:40:24 ET

Damn damn ouch damn! I didn't want to read that. Start eating joint fuel right away, give your body all it needs to rebuild. I remember being on the lift and watching this guy swirve off the main slope over to the mogel section, he was moving pretty good. He took the first 2 then did an "agony of defeat" thing complete with an excelent series of sideways cartwheels so that he sprayed his equipment and a lot of his clothing all over the rest of the slope and arrived back at the begining of the lift line in a heap. We scored him very high indeed, I remember that part of the amusment for me was that I figured I was watching a preview of my next run, that was the same day that I fell over with the tow rope on the bunny slope, my first time skying. I was a wrestler in junior and highschool, never got hurt but mannaged to tear a medial ligement playing church volleyball of all things.

2006-02-27 10:35:50 ET

Thank you axo!!
Anomalous I bet I would have scored higher he he, I was told I looked like a rag doll tumbling,my equiptment went all over the place too, I could not believe the distance of the fall and where everything ended up at. I am still on crutches, no more pain killers though, they waste me too much, I never take pills or drugs and I feel to out of place or zoned out on them, so I am creeping around in pain. I find out on friday if or when I am to recieve surgery. Tell what you use for Joint fuel?

2006-02-27 10:42:48 ET

chondroitin? glucosamine?

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