Spring Spring Spring!
2006-04-11 11:40:44 ET

We made it, huh.
Winter is over, well for most of us in North America.
Good news: I managed to get money again for this program so I am F/T employed till next spring. Hiring a new counselor.
I am still in love, my knee is still mending.

Not so good news: I am going through family court to finalize child custody with my ex. long Long process. Found out the ex is on bail and probation for quite a few charges, not good news at all for my children. Trying to get back into shape from the Feb injury, have a really really hard time, my knee is still mending.

2006-04-12 18:00:42 ET

Hang in there girl, no pain no gain.

2006-04-28 20:40:38 ET

Glad you seem to be doing a bit better:)

2006-05-08 11:22:16 ET

thank you both

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