Ever wonder what happens with people
2006-05-08 11:48:28 ET

EEEEEEEEE can you believe I have my 20 year High School Reunion this July OMG!!!!!!!
I have run into a few friends the last two years gawd they all look old!!! I ask myself what did they do in life to get so weary looking, maybe the stresses got through to them and they let it take them over.
I am or should be just thanking my culture and family for my happiness and oh yeah me too.
I will just see what happens when I get to see more people, I was never really close to anyone all the way through school, I just was everyones friend or aww I never did get really close to anyone, being that in Grade 11 and 12 I was in the military already and working so I was too busy to be a teenager. OH yeah, I threw the biggest Grad party ever, even the college kids were trying to bust into the party, I had a live band, my Dad's biker friends were the security and it lasted for 2 days, I think many of the Grads and young adults were just to intimidated by my fathers psycho ways, he would confinscate booze form people and then drink it with them or just take it away all toghether and drink it himself.The cops came like 4 times over the 2 days but it was taken care of by my DAD and the nieghbors or most of them were at the party. I know the main reason I got away with such a huge party was that my Dad did not want me out of his sight during grad, to many drinking and driving incidents around that time.
I guess Ill have to throw a reunion party now!!
In fact when I run into people who I know from school, thats pretty much what they say right away, hey remember your grad party, and even people who I dont know they say, hey are you Geraldine, I remember your grad party.

DID anyone see hostel?

2006-05-19 23:47:43 ET

My ten year reunion was ass! They actually forgot to schedule it. So it was an 11 year reunion...*rolls eyes! All the stoners who had superly long hair, they were all pretty much bald:P And all the cheerleaders and jocks had changed drastically, but they still acted like they were in high school. Except they had beers in their hands!

2006-05-23 09:26:21 ET

HE HE HE only after 11 years, I think people at this re-union will be packing thier children around with em or not even showing up. I dunno, we will see. I ran into a cheerleader type just ths weekend, she was new to Canada in the 80s and spoke with a strong polish accent as a teen, I did not recognize her, she came up to me and said the 'hey did you go to Van Tech High School', I said yep and she said OMG you look the same, I laughed trying not to roll my eyes, but she was with three children and hollaring at them ,man she look so stressed out I remembered her as a pretty nasty girl in school, very aggresive with others and now she speaks with no accent at all.
I hope this does not change your view of me so far SKAV, but I cant stand beer.

2006-06-10 07:33:17 ET

Been 27 years for me. I have only rarely wondered what became of the people Iwent to school with. Almost none of the ones I knew of being married are still. Mine seems to be one of the extreme few that has lasted. But then my group of friends was very small, proly never find out as I don't go down that way much.

Skav= It has always amazed me how many people NEVER mature beyond the age of 17. It makes no sense but there they are fatter and balder but otherwise no different.

2006-06-11 18:39:19 ET

No kidding! I mean it was nice to see the odd faces. But I left shortly after all the aged preps started drinking! As you said,"No different!"

2009-12-16 22:36:48 ET

I lost track of the 20 year HS thing , I saw Hostel, had flu like response. I can't stand gore and sickie crap like that. It was a sublime thing , finally linked it - every time I saw a horror film, even Kill Bill for skull-duggery sake, I'd get flu like , then fig. out the negative energy just effects me.
It's foreign artsy-fartsy films and chic flicks from now on ! & I'm so OK with that. David Lynch films seem to be OK though.

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