2007-09-06 12:25:33 ET

Vancouver is fabulas, so damn nice out, wish I were not at work. I think I will make my wish come true here pretty quick.

I have not posted in ummmm ummmm ummmm I dunno , been a few days or month ahooo.

Alot of my 2-spirited friends have moved away back to thier home, Yukon, Bella Bella, Rupert, Terrace. OHHHH but goodness my best bud I went to high school with she moved back to BC recently, he has been in Hamilton ONt for years!!!!!!!! so glad I am gonna see her again she moved to Squamish, just north of Van maybe 1.5 hr drive. I will defop see her being it is on the way to Whistler and Ski season is creeping fast upon us.

I am still in Love We been living together close to 2 years now, oh just wait nov 2005, ummm nov 2006 and yup close to 2 years nov 2007. eeeeeeee time flys.
My hair is dye dif now got big red front half of head and back is black. I am super feeling a mohawk coming back , it also has been years since I had one, but or sure if I do it before ski season I am gonna do the tradtional native style of 2 seperate rows that meet in the front and back. Iroqua stlye HUHHHYA

2007-09-06 12:27:39 ET

did anyone notice just like I just did. my last entry date was 2006 06 09 and this one is 2007 09 06 spooky huh,I probably planned it and did not let myself know until it happened

2007-09-06 16:50:25 ET

I thought you just dropped off the planet. I've missed you.

2007-09-06 20:41:53 ET

Holy doodle! You are still around!

2007-10-04 13:08:26 ET

thanks for missing me

2007-10-04 21:34:43 ET

How could we not?

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