All I want for chistmas is.............
2009-12-14 14:26:15 ET

-Better snowshoes, the ones I have need new leathers.
-Climate change , umm bring down emissions so to avoid natural run away emissions.
-An Inuit Santa Claus to stop by and play a game of bones.
-NO more red tide so I CAN GO GET SOME COCKLES.
-A hair cut n some longer lasting veggie color that does not bleed out too damn fast.
-Less milk ducts.
-A fantastic bi-sexual friend.
-And of course real fucking autonomy

2009-12-15 14:14:07 ET

So do you want the climate warmer or colder?
A game of bones?

2010-01-02 11:13:49 ET

yup I want it colder in winter at least 40 below and hold that cold for 6 weeks till all them pine beetle all die.
Bones...... an aboriginal, inuit,tlingit, athabaskan gambling drumming/singing game, loads of fun for hours.... and trickery

2010-01-02 16:17:55 ET


2010-01-15 14:51:07 ET

very and can get really worked up

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