March 8th and it snowed today ( Manilla)
2010-03-08 16:31:00 ET

But it is sunny now and warmed up,freak weather.

I want to go to Manilla cause;
I look philipino
There are Mangos
It is warm
Only problem is I hate flying and it is like a 14 hour flight.

Damn PHobia

2010-03-09 01:29:07 ET

I don't mind flying. I didn't like the popping of ears when I was young though.

2010-03-10 03:44:37 ET

I HATE flying too. It makes me bug the fuck out. And 14 hours... I don't know if I could do it. Longest I've done was 9 and it was hellish!

2010-03-10 17:43:55 ET

Yup , only reason I hate .... been in 3 slight mishaps. 1st was near Wilkinson lake In BC right before the Yukon, the plane lost its right prop, so we landed and did many spins on the ice field till it stopped, had to wait in middle of somewhere for 5-6 hours for another small plane to get us. 2. was a little seaplane, came into foggy weather near Stewart, Alaska- just the pilot myself and 2 other nurses, we had to go wayyyyyyy up so he could get direction then finally made his way through the the fog to land....again midddle of somewhere till it cleared, myself and 1 nurse had horrible nosebleeds for the altitude and pressure.2. Flew through a storm near Vancouver Island, pretty much crashed just before the runway in bushes, broke my wrist from the impact, a fire extinguisher fell on me. One man was knocked out cold from a box landing on his head. hmmmmmmmmmmm I do like boating though

2010-03-16 06:12:08 ET

Flying scares the crap out of me. I want a jacket with a chute built into. A few back ups would be nice too.

2010-03-18 16:28:18 ET

I so hear you,,, man

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