st patty's day hang over
2010-03-18 16:31:23 ET

Man everyone was Irish in VOctoria BC....... so many pubs... so many green drinks... I swear this whole city has a hang over

2010-03-18 16:31:47 ET

thats Victoria

2010-03-18 16:34:50 ET

I'm saving my Jameson for this weekend.

2010-03-18 17:17:20 ET

Do you live in Victoria?
I live in Vancouver now, but I used to live on the Island.

2010-03-18 19:34:57 ET

I think the Irish mock our green drinks. I have an issue of The Boys in which the owner of an Irish pub kicks out every St. Patty's party person who darkens his door, in favor of the company of an englishman of all people.

Their drink of choice was guiness with "fuck off" written in the foamy stuff.

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