Yes, I'm a flake!
2003-09-15 21:48:08 ET

I just needed to give a little rant, here, at the moment.

Alright, I'm a flake, I know this. It's in my artistic/poetic nature. I'm absent-minded, self-absorbed, flighty, and all of those other wonderful traits that come with being of artistic temperament.

I think I make all of this rather obvious to the world around me, but I still am always getting myself into trouble with it. People assume that they've done something wrong, or you're being a jerk, or you don't pay attention to them.

Is it something specific about me or the fact that I'm usually so attentive and compassionate, or is it in our narcissistic human nature to assume that everything that goes wrong was done intentionally against us?

Maybe my attention to odd little details, or the fact that I get sucked into things is a blend of my artistic nature and doing too much Acid when I was younger, who knows? I do know that it allows me to create, but alienates me from the outside world. Maybe I should just staple a note onto my forehead that reads: I'm an artistic flake, don't mind me!

Well, that's my rant for the day. I'm glad you enjoyed it, and if you didn't, well then why the hell did you read this far anyway!?


"huh? what? oh, i'm sorry. could you repeat what you just said? i missed it all, i was watching your face melt...."

2003-09-15 22:05:30 ET

Hmmm. I agree to disagree

2003-09-16 06:04:47 ET

yeah, but a hot flake!

2003-09-16 09:37:33 ET

I'd have to say that being flighty and analytical isn't really reserved for the artistic poetic type though they're the ones who usually display this trait... either way, it's not always ALL bad. and I forgot where I was going with this since I just woke up. damn.

2003-09-16 09:38:04 ET

haha i'm late as perusual

but welcome to SK


2003-09-16 10:54:08 ET

A cute little artistic flake... yum yum :p

welcome, dude.

2003-09-16 12:23:16 ET

Hmmm jealousy has overcome me.

2003-09-16 20:32:37 ET

I don't mean to sound... well... FRUITY or anything ( ^^' ) but em... you sound just like me. To a tee, as a matter of fact. ^^ In reading your bio and your journal entries, it was as though I had been writing about myself. It's great to 'meet' you. Hope you're feeling less freyed. ^^'

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