Sorting through forgotton poetry
2003-09-17 22:35:27 ET

Written maybe 6 or 7 years ago....


Words may be just characters on a page,
Syllables spoken from person to person,
Thoughts in one's head.
But word are all we have.
The only way to convey emotions,
To share experiences,
Without words we would be doomed to total isolation.
Each person is already an island,
Unable to share thoughts or emotions with anyone but ourselves,
Confined to our own heads.
Words being our only way of release from solitude,
Our only way to share thoughts.
Even then, sumbols can never be what they represent,
we cannot truly understand an idea of someone else's
For it is corrupted in the process of cummunication.
But wthout words we would have nothing,
Being reduced to sniffing and grunting.
So cherish words,
Do not ignore them,
Also, speak not empty words, words without meaning,
Talk not to hear yopurself.
They are to be used wisely.
For though we are cursed with half understanding
half truth.
I can think of a far worse fate.

2003-09-17 22:37:58 ET

and you know they really weren't expecting the Spanish Inquisition

2003-09-18 02:26:27 ET

that was really good... i'm sorry i haven't had a chance to welcome you yet...

2003-09-18 08:19:07 ET


2003-09-18 08:24:26 ET

ah yes, welcome to SK~!!! this is the only site that allows us to be ourselves in a way that other sites don't :-)

2003-09-18 20:00:16 ET

Quite powerful, and very true. :)

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