2003-10-13 14:50:59 ET

i feel death very close at hand.

you know what i realized just the other day?
90% of my poetry is not really just poems.
each time, inside i feel like i'm dying.
and what i'm writing is my suicide note, or my epitaph.


2003-10-13 15:04:03 ET

I read it. I just don't know what to say.

i dunno if consolation from a stranger would make you feel better, or if you even want consolation.

from what i've read, you seem to be a very good guy. i wish you wouldn't think of death as an option. everyone means something to someone.

and i'm sure you mean the world to many a person.

2003-10-13 15:04:35 ET

You do realize that not only are you hurting your parents, who have already lost two children, you're hurting all others who love you.
You're never a terrible person when you're trying to do good things. People make mistakes. They can be fixed.
Suicide is something that can never be fixed.

2003-10-13 15:32:03 ET know how I feel about all of this. I really have nothing to say...but I felt that maybe I should respond.

2003-10-13 17:36:32 ET

i don't know what to say, but ill just share. this spring, the season of rebirth, i wanted to fade away because i felt that i was more of a burden than a blessing to so many people that i knew. but i found that there were things/people that i could live for. there has to be someone that will miss you....

2003-10-13 18:59:15 ET

Yes...he knows very much so that someone will miss him. *shakes her fist at him*

2003-10-14 20:31:26 ET

i used to write poetry....and they all sounded like suicide notes....i have notebooks full of them...

2003-10-15 10:12:13 ET

... although you feel it, are you sure that means that your time is running out?

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