Death II, The Sequal (Doesn't everything have one, these days?)
2003-10-14 12:39:39 ET

today's entry

Highly doubt anyone will even follow the link, let alone put in the effort to read the story..... VERY curious to know what anyone thinks, if they actually do.


2003-10-14 12:59:42 ET

what you said in a comment to the previous entry was reminiscent of what i just looked over. is this your "eastern" view of suicide? rather interesting

2003-10-14 13:23:51 ET

I've always found Crowly and 'thelema' to be interesting, but I don't agree with all of the beliefs/tenets therein.

As for suicide in general.. well, it's an 'out', in any case. I just wonder about reasons behind one's desire to do so. If we're all here to learn a particular lesson this time around, will skipping out early mean that the lesson has to be re-learned in the next life?

2003-10-14 13:27:59 ET

1. That is part of my 'Eastern view' on Suicide. It also has a bit to do with the Code of Bushido, and others, as well.

2. What if the ultimate leason to be learned is in honorably facing death, without fear or regret? (oh, and does that mean that Euthenasia is "out" too?)

2003-10-14 13:29:45 ET

It could very well be the ultimate lesson.

As for Euthenasia, I'm generally for it.

2003-10-14 13:40:30 ET

If it is the ultimate lesson, then nothing is lost or damaged by chosing your time to face Death, rather than letting it chose you.

Going on the Buddhist tenant that Life is Sorrow, wouldn't all forms of Suicide be concidered Euthenasia

2003-10-14 13:43:34 ET

I personally don't think that anything would be lost or damaged in facing death, but my views on it are probably quite different from the majority of those around me.

Suicide as self-euthenasia.. interesting idea. Could very well be.

2003-10-14 16:20:15 ET


2003-10-17 07:59:43 ET

ok, I confess, I saw Crowley's name up there and my eyes glazed over. I think it's from hanging out on the zeelist for too long. (zeelist - chaos magick list)

2003-10-17 16:44:42 ET

That's the problem, most people are too hung up on the image Crowley had, to actually apriciate his writings. He was a phenominal author.

2003-10-19 15:27:26 ET

Sorry sorry sorry that it took me so long to get to this, love. ^^'

*after reading the first paragraph* Hooookay. I've been reading and writing all day for school and my brain is fried. Far too fried to try and follow anything even REMOTELY abstract. However, once the batteries have recharged, I'll be all over it 'like a hobo on a ham sandwich' if the jeans commercial is to be believed. Until then? I luff you. ^_^

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