Wouldn't The World Just Be A Better Place?
2003-10-14 14:17:38 ET

Masturbate For Peace

2003-10-14 14:45:11 ET


2003-10-14 14:49:42 ET

hey, if you can't love yourself, who can you love?

2003-10-14 15:52:56 ET

well id like to watch this.....

youre very sexy by the way

2003-10-14 19:16:28 ET

haha pretty funny O_o

2003-10-15 03:24:24 ET

hahahah that's hilarious, I love that dove with the kleenex lol it's the perfect mascot.

2003-10-15 09:40:32 ET

It's the most hilarious website, as well. The slogans they have are just great!

2003-10-15 09:47:25 ET

I like the "war is out, pound your trout!" one. ;)

2003-10-15 17:22:00 ET


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