Well? Do you know?
2003-10-15 09:46:02 ET

Tshirt Hell

2003-10-15 09:50:46 ET

He'd die for your sins, that's what he'd do... for a Klondike Bar, that is.

2003-10-15 10:10:29 ET

I love that site... it's so horrible. ^^'

2003-10-15 10:27:00 ET

hey can anyone tell me how to post pictures on my journal entries?

2003-10-15 11:47:33 ET

i have one that says "what would devo do?"

2003-10-15 12:01:21 ET


2003-10-15 13:51:01 ET

Well... to post pictures you have to direct link to the site where the image resides... and direct linking is evil beyond words. It steals the bandwidth of the page owner.

2003-10-15 15:04:06 ET

That's why you host it yourself, and then post it.

2003-10-15 19:03:27 ET

Bingo. Although all the files I want to host or post here are too large and, unfortunately, I don't have a program where I can edit images.

2003-10-15 19:12:45 ET

If you have Microsoft Office, it has one. Microsoft Photo Editor, though it usually doesn't install by default (by what i've seen)

2003-10-15 21:29:58 ET

Office? Really? .... oh right, you just double-click on the image, right?

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