Quick quiz #1
2003-10-18 19:30:07 ET

Quick little survey.

If you could go anywhere in the world and time, where and when would it be, and why?

(For me, it would be Egypt, specifically the Library of Alexandria, in it's prime. For reasons of pure desire for knowledge and Enlightenment)

So, where would YOU go?


2003-10-18 19:38:53 ET

i'd to the place kurt cobain died in 94.. and take courtney love out haha (honestly i don't know i've never thought about it) O_o

2003-10-18 19:42:04 ET

right here right now

2003-10-18 19:42:59 ET

now that's cheating. no imagination in that.

2003-10-18 19:44:47 ET

i was thinking about it.. and everything else sucked. im warm. ive got food, there are no wars (that affect me much anyways).. you know?

2003-10-18 19:48:05 ET

i don't really know where i'd really wanna go... uhm... maybe back to around the time of outlaws and be an outlaw... that would be way cool O_o... (actually likes the old outlaw movies...O_o)

2003-10-18 19:49:56 ET

back to being 2 or so would be nice..
or the weird teen years where you had lots of money and lots of drugs for some unknown reason and everything was great.

2003-10-18 19:51:41 ET


2003-10-18 20:00:05 ET

Scotland, because my heart's there.

2003-10-18 20:01:49 ET

i would really like to go to scotland 2 :-)

2003-10-18 20:04:08 ET

i lived in england for awhile.. but that was.. england

2003-10-18 20:08:25 ET

haha i've never been out of the country :-\

2003-10-18 20:15:35 ET

I had a bumper-sticker on my first car that said "Scotland Forever, Ireland a WEE bit longer!"

2003-10-18 20:16:15 ET

hehe thats great

2003-10-18 20:18:16 ET


2003-10-18 20:23:39 ET

Hell, at that point, my nephew was working at a Craft store that did Vinyl printing, so I had over 100 stickers on my first car. My favorite's were: "Ghandi would have slapped you"; "The Gene-Pool Need's Chlorine"; "Alcohol and Calculus don't mix, don't Drink and Derive"; "Earth First! We'll strip-mine the other planets later"; "Let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing!" (and those are just special the one's i can remember)

2003-10-18 20:25:54 ET

hahaha... i love the alcohol and calculus one hahahahaha... i want it!!!

2003-10-18 21:18:16 ET

I would go through the newpapers and look for old lotto number when the Cali lotto was at 12 million ...

Yeah that's cheap ...

My real fantasty tho ... to go back to ancient Greece and train until I was worthy of serving amongst Alexander's Companion Cavalry. In one of his battles he lost his spear and his sword and was forced to bludgeon members of the Royal Family of Persia (relatives of King Darius) with just his truncheon. I would have witnessed it ... laughed my ass off ... then returned to my time before I became the victim of some crazy Persian.

No ... I would have taken a wife in Persoplis and remained there.

2003-10-19 06:30:13 ET

There are a few things I could say here. Part of me would love to go back to when I met Jason...and walk RIGHT by him instead of sit down and flirt.
Another part of me would go to the Rainbow Islands...I have been almost everywhere else...and that would be neat.

2003-10-19 09:23:39 ET

I would either want to go to Wales circa 50 BCE, or Carthage at its glory.

2003-10-19 15:38:18 ET

Hmm, time period? Then Scotland during the clanning era.

BTW... that 'let go of my ears, I know what I'm doing!' ... that was HILARIOUS. ... After my friend explained it to me. ^^'

2003-10-19 17:46:29 ET

I'd like to go to Iceland around the time of the sagas.

2003-10-19 18:28:49 ET

take me with you.

2003-10-19 18:37:37 ET


2003-10-19 20:14:02 ET

What's so shwanky about iceland in the time of 'the sagas'?

2003-10-20 00:35:18 ET

the beginnings of a new country and the expansion of the nordic world. consolidation of power, the formation of different nations, and the creation of empires. People living close to the land, sheep, and people still believed in magick. Persecution of pagans had not yet begun as christianity had not yet caught hold in the north.

2003-10-20 06:45:11 ET

and there was much hearty grog to go around.

2003-10-20 11:47:48 ET

...that... that sounds DELIGHTFUL! *admits*

2003-10-20 12:27:49 ET

yeah, grog too. can't forget the grog. and kewl boats.

2003-10-20 12:31:26 ET

Grog? Grog is a rum drink, that didn't come about untill the discovery of the New World (as far as i know). And I always thought Grog was more of a pirate/naval drink. Rum and water. My bartending books might be wrong, though.


2003-10-20 12:32:23 ET

:::nods::: i want some rum O_o... tis tasty

2003-10-20 12:34:25 ET

ok, beer then. whatever. alcoholic beverages. ;)

2003-10-20 12:36:44 ET

we must have rum and whiskey.... beer is just a little on the discusting not very good... and very little alcohol side

2003-10-20 13:12:01 ET

I think I would've liked mead better anyway...

2003-10-20 14:38:35 ET

mead then. :P

2003-10-20 14:38:54 ET

(not to get pedantic or anything)

2003-10-20 19:07:22 ET

You and your fancy shmancy words... *pets* ^^

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