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2003-10-18 20:51:13 ET

This is quite old, many years, and on my webpage (but i just came acrossed it, and figgured might as well post).

Waking Dream

She slowly turns the knob on the large wooden door,
Pulling it open she walks inside.
The room is dark except for several lit candles.
The air is thick with incense
She stops and looks around the room.
Shadows dance on the walls.
They seem to ripple as if they are made of cloth and not wood.
She sees figures in the corners of the room
Shadows like, visible but not really there.
There is a strange chanting in the background,
Barely audible, almost like a hum.
In a language long forgotten,
She loks toward the center of the room as she feels his stare.
Those cat-like green eyes piercing her soul.
He calls to her without saying a word,
She walks to the foot of the large bed he is sitting on,
He opens her robe,
Giving herself to him,
He takes her into his arms,
And kisses her deeply.
Lying her in the center of the bed,
He caresses her face as he kisses her gently,
Kissing her forehead, her eyelids, and her soft lips.
Biting her neck,
Kissing her stomach and breasts,
She lays there moaning
Quivering under his burning touch.
Overcome with desire,
She sighs as he enters her,
Filling the emptiness in her soul.
They lay there for hours making love,
Tangled in the sheets and each others arms,
Cumming together the room explodes in a brilliant white light.



2003-10-18 21:31:39 ET

wow. stunning.

2003-10-19 03:34:15 ET

beautiful... very dream like... i wrote three new poems tonight... but errr... two are most likely goin' get me kicked off of here... but the third one was ok :-)

2003-10-19 06:31:41 ET

I remember reading this poem. Cumming together the room explodes in a brilliant white light.
I don't like that line.

2003-10-19 15:48:24 ET

why? what's wrong with it?

2003-10-19 15:50:39 ET

maybe the word cumming thats all i can imagine... i didn't see anything i didn't like... i thought it was very dreamy :-) which tis always big plus

2003-10-22 19:46:01 ET

I REMEMBER that one!!! I REALLY liked it when I read it. I won't bother with criticism (VERY slight) based on personal preference though. It's... stunning.

The beginning inspired me to write a story... or at least develop characters or a large plot segment around the scene that you set up. It gave me tingles... which takes something special.

Youuuuu're WONDERFUL!! ^__^ *drapes self over you in hugs*

2003-10-22 19:49:35 ET

(tingles) O_o

2003-10-23 08:52:59 ET

oooh wow...dude, thats really nice. I like this

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